Friday, July 30, 2010

Take Me Out 2 the Ball Game!

I love baseball season! Well more so when my boys are the ones playing it! I really enjoy watching from the stands, and cheering them on! Kaleb played baseball again this spring, and was lucky enough to get on the same team as the previous year. Although it started out quite the wet season which called for a lot of rainouts and a lot of rescheduled games. In between our vacations, the rain, makeup games and us moving, Kaleb ended missing about 4 games, and the big end of season party! However he made some really nice connections with his bat and the ball!!! YIPPEE and some very very awesome catches in the outfield and some great infield plays! He has improved so much in the last year that it is so fun to watch him.

It was all in all a great season except for the fact that I got into it verbally with another parent! GRRRR These are just kids not the MAJOR LEAGUE for Pete sake!

To end our stay in Kansas City we got tickets to the Royals baseball game and took all the kids. They all had a blast, got some goodies and actually sat through MOST of the game!!