Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break w/o the SPRING!!

Well we managed to make it to "spring", but are still wondering where it is. Texas really spoiled us, and we are not adjusting to this mid-west weather very well. Okay so Clark can't stand not being able to wear his shorts year round, and I am dying to break out the flip-flops!! So for our spring break we decided to go stay at a lodge in Kansas City...whew the drive was torturous!! LOL Anyway it was fun letting the boys loose in the big indoor water park. At least we got to pretend that the weather was spring/summer like. They had a blast and as worried as they were that the Easter Bunny wasn't going to find them, that was all water under the bridge when they woke to Easter baskets on their hotel beds!! We are so thankful for that day and are forever grateful for His love.