Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well this week was a very fun filled BUSY week. Since I wasn't sure about our summer plans I wasn't sure if one or both of the boys would be out of town for the event so I didn't volunteer to help out until the last minute when I knew both my boys were going to be attending VBS at Summit Woods. Therefor workers were needed in the toddler and baby rooms. So naturally I was put in with the 2 year olds, but God was working on my side this past week because all 16 YES 16 two year olds were very well behaved (for the most part) and were a very great bunch of kids!! I went home a little frazzled and looking like I had just been through a tornado, but hey I had fun and I think they did too. Although as the week grew on you could tell they were getting tired of coming to the same 4 workers and seeing the same room and the same is hard being 2!!

Kaleb and Mason had a W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L time and were so wide awake are rearing to go in the mornings!! By noon when it was time to go they were so pumped and loving all the stuff they did that it was the topic of each and every conversation the rest of the day!! I think Mason wasn't to into the singing and dancing aspect of it but he loved playing outside and going to different stations! His favorite part of VBS was of course snack! I always love to see how powerful VBS can be and how it gets them so excited about the word of God...

They ended the week with a program for the parents!! I of course was told that night I would be standing on stage with the two year olds trying to get them to stay in a line and perform their songs!!! YIKES. Nice pictures huh...I think I was more entertainment for the parents than the kids were!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Home Away From Home!

This past week we went on vacation to San Antonio, our home away from home. After being in the south for almost 7 years, we just can't wait to get back there for good. We stayed the week with Clark's parents and the boys soaked up all the Papa and Grandma time they could soak up. We also made sure that we were there for at least one Sunday so we could attend our church (I say OUR church since we are still members there.) It was so nice being back there and seeing all the friends we left behind. It felt like we never left and were welcomed with such warm and loving arms. That is quite possibly the reason I had such a bad case of the "HOME SICKNESS" when we returned. After church we were invited to go to lunch with the Eppersons and the Penaluna's and all our kiddos!!! It was so nice talking and getting caught up on what has been going on in each others lives over the last year.

That evening we had a photo shoot with our family and Papa and Grandma. You know how
I LOVE pictures and so I was jumping all over the opportunity.

The rest of the week was spent swimming, visiting Sea World and Six Flags, and relaxing.

Our week in San Antonio seemed to go by a little to fast....sniff sniff. However we all had a really good time and are glad that we made it back for the visit. Our week was closed out by celebrating the 4Th of July with the Epperson's and the Hufty's watching fireworks at La Cantera. It was the perfect evening and the kids were really great! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives!