Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kaleb Scored!!

Well today was the last game of the regular season for Kaleb and his basketball team. Up until the game this morning they were the only undefeated team in their division. Also up until today's game Kaleb had not scored any points!! (So sad to see him get so down on himself after each game he didn't get to score any points for the team). It doesn't help when there are a couple of ball hogs on the team that don't like to share the ball. Anyway this has been a rough season for him, but I just have to remind him that it is all for fun (although Clark gets a little to loud in the stands) the main point is for him to learn and enjoy his time on the court. It was a normal Saturday morning getting ready for the game, and I was doing Kaleb's hair (his trademark spike) and I asked him if today was the day? He knew what I was asking and he just shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know." I looked him straight in the eyes and put his skinny cheeks in my hands and said "It sure is...I just know it!" He smiled and we went on our way. He was given the perfect opportunity in the second quarter to shoot a basket and he made it! It was like God was holding everyone away just so he could get that one shot in! It was a magical moment as he looked over at me and winked!! So sad that he dad has been dying to see that moment and he was gone for Drill weekend and he missed it! Such a wonderful feeling for a mother to see her son shine even if it is for only a second or two! So now they are first seed in playoffs so maybe Kaleb will get another chance to make some more shots (and dad will get to see them). It has been a great day....we are so greatful.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Yeah we are all finally well again! Started out with Clark (always does). The Kaleb started getting a cough and sore throat...then it was Mason's turn. This past weekend we had to take Luke to the E.R. as he woke up in the middle of the night having a hard time breathing, weazing and coughing. Turns out we had no idea he had croup or an ear infection....he showed NO signs of being under the weather. He is always a happy go lucky baby and now we know he remains that way even while being sick! Just have been praying I can stay clear of it all as there is nothing worse than being SICK and still having to be a mother and wife. So far so good...we will continue to pray. The boys are loving their nights at Awanas and Kaleb earned his vest and handbook last week. Mason earned his the week before (the requirements are easier for the little kiddos) but he recieved his first patch last week. SO PROUD OF THEM BOTH. Luke is about to walk...although he is a speed crawler and into everything already there really isn't a need for him to learn how to walk! Clark is plugging away at work with less than 20% of his goal remaining for the year!! How awesome is that? SO AWESOME. I am well trying to keep afloat raising my little boys...wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Well till next time...take care.