Monday, April 6, 2009

"I'm gonna catch one of those little green men"

Those are the words of Mason my five year old middle child. Lets just say that St. Patricks day was quite the event this year at the Gilleo household. You would have thought we were counting down the days to Christmas, with such anticipation as the big day grew closer and closer. The week before Mason came home one day from school so excited about a book that was read in class. It was about these little green guys that LOVED gold and hid it at the ends of rainbows. I don't recall the exact amount of times he asked me what the little green guys were called, but I am guessing a good 20 or so times (A DAY)! So when he finally remembered the green guys were called LEPRECHAUNS, his new goal was to catch one on the night of the 16th. Somehow he got the idea that they were like the Easter Bunny or Santa, and would come visit your house. So he went through the house asking everyone for gold that he could lure the Leprechaun with so he could capture it and keep it for ONE day. Thanks to grandma he was able to get a stash of gold that he carefully placed around the window seal in hopes of having a successful capture. The poor little guy just didn't have it in him to stay up around the clock waiting, he was out by 8:30pm! So instead I became a Leprechaun for the night, and collected the gold pieces and left a nice little box of treats with a nice note! I just didn't have it in my heart to crush his little imagination! So he woke to a box of candy and a note, which pleased him just as well. So now he is looking forward to another capture on March 17th, 2010!