Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last HOORAH with the friends of Pier Ct! Sniff Sniff

In between our vacations and packing up our house we managed to have a fond farewell with our friends on Pier Ct. With the realization that our time together soon ending our emotions were at their peak! Especially the boys....they had made some great friendships and it is always hard for them to have to say good-bye and move away. So we had to make the best of our remaining time there! Between three households there were 8 boys and 1 girl!!! Plus the little guy from the other street that always came over to play with the boys!

We were very blessed to have found a house and made it home for three years! The best part was having such wonderful neighbors and friendships. That is always the hardest part about moving....leaving behind those that you have grown to love! However we have to think that our time there was well spent and so part of His plan, and we can't wait to see who God places in our path as we move onto the next chapter of our adventure!

Thanks Pier Ct friends for everything!