Friday, July 30, 2010

Siamo Arrivatio! (We have arrived)

Ciao! (HI) from Italy! We had a very good journey from Missouri all the way across the atlantic ocean! The boys did really well on both flights, the best part was having Luke sleep all the way through the LONG flight! WOO HOO. We arrived in Venice about 8:20am on the 8th. Made it through customs and had our visas stamped and then we were off to grab our 6 pieces of luggage! Oh the funny looks we got toting our luggage through the airport!

It didn't take much longer than walking out into the parking lot at the airport for the culture shock to smack me right in the face! Of course I was dealing with major jet lag and having been up for 27 hours straight at this point. Venice where we landed is about an hour away from the base, so our sponsor picked us up and we were on our way. The Italians are some CRAZY CRAZY drivers, and I was starting to get rather spaventato (scared) by this time. I was really happy when we reached the base, and were around more americans than Italians. Around the base the Italians are not to welcoming to the Americans because they would prefer we were NOT here. However we have been told that when we travel north they are so much nicer and more accepting of Americans. I have to be honest that it all hit me pretty hard and at the end of the day I was crying in my husbands arms! He of course was very comforting and understood where I was at during this whole transition! It sure is a lot to take in and adjust to, especially for a first timmer moving out of the country! He just assured me things would get lots better, we just had to take things slow, breath and relax! So that is what we did....which was easier than we thought especially since the Italians are NOT in a hurry to get anything done! The only thing fast about them is their driving!! Clark got all of his in processing done, while the kids and I hung out a lot at the park! They met some nice friends and I got to meet some nice ladies. We bought a little BMW coop off of some airmen who were getting ready to PSC out so now we have transportation since our car won't be here for another month!

It is small, but it is great for blending in on the roads! You can always tell the American drivers, because their driving the big SUVs, minivans, and trucks! Clark hopes at the end of our stay here that he will be able to trade it in for a new one to ship back to the states! It took me a week to brave driving outside the base, but I knew I had to do it sooner or later. I have been honked at several times, and given some hand gestures, and been passed many many many times. It isn't uncommon for them to drive 30 sometimes 50 miles OVER the speed limit. Makes us feel like we are standing still!

Take Me Out 2 the Ball Game!

I love baseball season! Well more so when my boys are the ones playing it! I really enjoy watching from the stands, and cheering them on! Kaleb played baseball again this spring, and was lucky enough to get on the same team as the previous year. Although it started out quite the wet season which called for a lot of rainouts and a lot of rescheduled games. In between our vacations, the rain, makeup games and us moving, Kaleb ended missing about 4 games, and the big end of season party! However he made some really nice connections with his bat and the ball!!! YIPPEE and some very very awesome catches in the outfield and some great infield plays! He has improved so much in the last year that it is so fun to watch him.

It was all in all a great season except for the fact that I got into it verbally with another parent! GRRRR These are just kids not the MAJOR LEAGUE for Pete sake!

To end our stay in Kansas City we got tickets to the Royals baseball game and took all the kids. They all had a blast, got some goodies and actually sat through MOST of the game!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

VACA 2 the GF

Okay so the household goods are packed and on their way across the ocean! We gathered our little bit of belongings and ventured north to Great Falls for some more good-byes! We stopped for the night in Rapid City SD and the boys tore up the indoor waterpark, wore themselves out for the night and for the long day in the car the next day.

We enjoyed our time in Great Falls visiting our friends and family. It sure was a quick trip and went by way to fast. However we did have plenty of time to swim, feed the fish, go to the park, and hang out and catch up. It was great seeing everyone and having lunch with my dear friend Amber. It was fun hearing how motherhood with two boys is treating her....was in her shoes at one time too.

We enjoyed seeing Brett, his new wife and the boys, man how big the boys have gotten! Enjoyed seeing how big the Frahm girls have gotten as well. We sure do miss that family and wish that our visits were longer and more often. It was hard saying good bye this time as we knew it was going to be at least two years before we see them again! :( Especially my dear friend....

On the way home we stopped and spent the night in South Dakota again and did some more swimming that night. The next morning we visited Bear Country the boys just love that place.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The End

So Clark was very glad to have put in his last day as a Recruiter at Whiteman AFB! His office had a nice little going away for him, and the best part was the wonderful piece of wood his boss gave him to hang on his wall for all of his hard work! You'll have to ask Clark why that piece of wood is so precious!

and so we say.....


Mason actually turns 7! These month long celebrations have gotta stop! LOL Even though we were living in TLF on the base, we made sure to make his actual birthday a fun one. You know me....I thought well ahead of time to make sure I had his infamous birthday banner to hang up wherever we may have been!

We let him bring his friend Blake with us to his dinner celebration at T-Rex! Such a good time was had by all....and many fun memories were made for his last birthday in Missouri!

Last HOORAH with the friends of Pier Ct! Sniff Sniff

In between our vacations and packing up our house we managed to have a fond farewell with our friends on Pier Ct. With the realization that our time together soon ending our emotions were at their peak! Especially the boys....they had made some great friendships and it is always hard for them to have to say good-bye and move away. So we had to make the best of our remaining time there! Between three households there were 8 boys and 1 girl!!! Plus the little guy from the other street that always came over to play with the boys!

We were very blessed to have found a house and made it home for three years! The best part was having such wonderful neighbors and friendships. That is always the hardest part about moving....leaving behind those that you have grown to love! However we have to think that our time there was well spent and so part of His plan, and we can't wait to see who God places in our path as we move onto the next chapter of our adventure!

Thanks Pier Ct friends for everything!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Farewell visit to San Antonio

So begins the many good-byes and tears! We made a trip to San Antonio to say one href="">
We visited the drive thru safari one last time, and said good-bye to the animals!

It was a very quick and emotional trip!! Sad, happy, lots of laughter. Sad to know it was going to be quite a while before we would see each other again!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Busy May

On top of preparing for the packers to come in less than two weeks, we had to celebrate Mothers Day, two kids birthdays, Clark's birthday and our anniversary. I think in all the chaos and hurriedness we forgot to celebrate one of those, any guesses on what it may be?! LOL The important thing is that Mason and Luke had a wonderful birthday bash for the last time in Missouri with their buddies! The weather was nice and hot and perfect for getting wet!

The boys had a wonderful fun filled last birthday bash with their friends!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Lukers Turns 3!


Say it isn't baby is turning 3! This is usually the stage when they are not babies anymore and we start thinking about BABY STAGE! HA not this time though. We have been super swamped with moving and the whole process that there hasn't been time to think about babies. We celebrated his actual birthday with dinner out to T-Rex! With a birthday bash to come later!