Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mason takes a stab at football & the boys go to work!

After playing the winter season of football Mason's basketball coached talked him into playing for his spring flag football team! Mason was all gung ho about taking on a new sport and one that his older brother wasn't playing! There is no goofing about football, as it is a serious sport having 4 practices a week plus a game sometimes two a week! It got to be a little much for Mason and he was starting to not enjoy it so much. Think there were several kids that way, as the coach toned it down a bit and started only having 2 practices a week. So Mason hung on and toughed it out till the end of the season. He even recieved the ball and made a run to the end zone making his first "TOUCHDOWN!"

The boys took part in the "Take Your Child to Work Day" for the second year in a row! They always enjoy going to daddy's office since they don't get the opportunity to often.