Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wanna see an animal or two?

Well with the summer break quickly coming to an end, and the kids getting tired of doing things at home I thought we better utilize our time wisely. So a gal at church had told me about this fun little children's farmstead in Overland Park Kansas. The best part was that it was FREE, so I figured that would justify the short half hour drive there. We got there right as it opened and so we got to see the cow milking demonstration. They even had a big cow statue with working utters and so the kids could see what it was like to milk a cow. The kids wouldn't pose for a picture while doing that!! Darn it. They really enjoyed feeding bottles to the goats, and Luke has not had a bottle in 3 months so I wasn't sure how he was going to react to the sight of one!! Luckily he didn't even recognize it.

Funny I don't remember them being so delighted to feed their little brother a bottle...guess a goat is a little different??!! We packed a lunch and had a picnic lunch and then headed home. I was quite surprised at how fun this little farmstead was and how much there was to do and look at! The boys all had a blast....and on any outing with kids that makes for a successful outing.