Saturday, August 23, 2008

Airplanes, Jets, B52 Bombers....& Horses???

Today my mother and I took the boys to the heart of Kansas to the Kansas City Air Show. Clark was of course working a booth there so we thought it would be fun for the boys to see daddy in a fun environment. Plus it would be the perfect opportunity for a family photo (apparently Clark wasn't having it...all work and no play that man!!)

Oh well anyway he was glad the boys got to see him doing something other than sitting behind a desk. This job isn't any fun for the they really enjoyed going to work with daddy when he was a TI. No wonder they are all yellers! HEE HEE They got to tour many military planes and vehicles and Mason's favorite was the one they use to jump out of. (Sorry don't know my planes.)

Or the one as he said will fit in our garage!!

Luke was not really enjoying his time at the airshow, and the noise was freaking him out. He did however enjoy the Clydesdale's and that seemed to make his day. Good thing they were there, but have no idea what horses have to do with airplanes!!

Kaleb's favorite part was Airman Andy...he wants one of those for the house!

A good time was had by all and in our household that makes for a successful family outing!!