Friday, August 15, 2008

MO State Fair

Okay so one of the things I have always missed since moving away from Montana was being able to go to the State Fair every summer in August. Oh alright so it is the only thing I miss about Montana. The yummy food, booths, food, crafts, food, arts, food, and when I was younger the rides. So when we moved to Missouri last year they were having their state fair, and I really wanted to go. However with all the things to do with the move like finding a house to live in kind of didn't allow us to get to the fair. So this year I was so excited when I convinced Clark that we should take the boys. We walked around taking it all in and the boys enjoyed the little petting zoo.

We got to watch a lady shoot out of a cannon and land on a net in the air, the boys got to play in a fire truck and pet a couple dozen bunnies. Then we got to go to my favorite part...the food vendors. The boys enjoyed their HUGE corn dogs (which I think Mason was a little scared of), and well even though my hamburger was a little disappointing the funnel cake made up for it! We topped the day off with some yummy Bucks ice cream. Now I better hit the elliptical!!