Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Slip slidn away....

Summer has finally arrived...well okay so it isn't officially the summer season but the weather was nice enough to break out the slip n slide. The boys have been missing the warm Texas weather and have been asking to put up the pool since March. Need I have to remind them that we are in the Midwest and well that just wasn't going to happen. It was a long few months between March and May...with my little water bugs wanting to get WET!!

Now that the weather has warmed up (seemed like we were never going to get out of winter), I can't keep them from getting water wrinkles! Now that Luke is older he is getting to experience more things for the first time, and he was right in there with his older brothers. Was not such a pretty sight when I finally had to break down and bring him in for his afternoon nap!!

I am such a blessed mother of three amazing boys, who love to keep me on my toes. Wouldn't have it any other way!