Sunday, June 15, 2008


With our friends in town, we figured it would be fun for the dads to go and have a relaxing morning and enjoy a round of golf. So that is what the guys did for the better part of the morning/afternoon. My friend and I decided that we could handle all the kids out in public. Mind you she has three girls 8,7, and 5. Then there was me with the three boys. I think that the stores saw us coming and were wishing they could quickly lock the doors!! Okay so they were actually quite well behaved, but man were we pooped by the time we got back home and were probably only gone for an hour. I am thinking there is no way I could have SIX kids. So once the guys got home from golfing we decided we would go have a nice fun dinner out. So we went to the T-Rex resturant. For those of you who might have visited a Rain Forest is along the same lines of that only with dinasours and ocean life.

We got seated under a big jellyfish...the kids thought this place was sooooo cool. Especially when they got their huge dino bone slushies!!!

We even mentioned that we were celebration Mason's birthday (since his actual birthday was the next day), so he got to enjoy a nice ice cream treat!

Happy Father's Day to my dear husband who works so hard to provide for his children!! You are a wonderful father!!