Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yesterday with our company still in town we decided to go experience the fun of the local amusement/water parks. It actually turned out to be a really REALLY good day, and a fun time was had by all. Although I still think Sea world and Six Flags in San Antonio are better, it was nice and the kids loved it all. Luke even loved seeing the Snoopster!!

Kaleb whom is not a fan of rides or anything with a hill bigger than two feet actually went on some pretty big rides!!! I think it was mainly the influence of Roseann's girls that made him feel pressured into it, but in the end he really did enjoy himself.

Mason is our little daredevil and would have went on every ride there had he met the height restrictions!! However he did enjoy the kids rides just as much.

I am so glad that Luke enjoyed himself on some of the rides too. I think he was having so much fun that it was HARD for me to get him to lay down in the stroller and nap for a little while. Think he thought he was going to miss out on to much if he closed his eyes at all.

After lunch we decided it was time for a break and to go cool down. The water park was our favorite part, although it is a little harder to keep track of six little kids in the water. It was a nice cool down and break for us all.

After we were nice and cooled off it was back to the park for more rides to close out a very busy and productive day.

Needless to say as much fun as we all had....we were very pooped that night and the next day. Luke is only an example of what we all looked like on the way home that evening.