Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking mom to Verona

With my moms visit coming to a close we wanted to make one more big day trip! One of our favorite places to see is Verona and it is so close. So we packed everyone into the van and were on our way! I am quite sure that this was the day that summer decided to arrive in Italy, because it was stinking HOT. We arrived in Verona about lunch time so we picked a nice spot to eat lunch right by the Arena!

Although we have been to Verona before, we had never been inside the Arena. So after lunch we decided to make a visit to the inside of the Arena (ancient amphitheatre.) The Arena was built by the Romans and completed in 30AD. This particular Arena is the 3rd largest in Italy, after Rome's Colosseum and the Arena at Capua.

After seeing the inside of the Arena, we made our way to Juliet's wall/balcony. This is where the bronzed statue of Juliet stands. It is said that rubbing the right breast of the statue will bring good luck.

The letters to Juliet wall used to be full of letters, but now it is a wall full of hand written love notes. I think the concept of the letters is much more romantic, and more appealing than the wall actually being written on.
After the wall/balcony we made our way through town. We took lots more pictures and made many more memories. To see all of the other pictures visit my Facebook page!!

"This journey is my home."
~Muriel Rukeyser