Monday, August 8, 2011

A Day in Venice With My Madre and a Spectacular 4th at the Beach!

After spending Friday in Venice with my husband alone, I got to take my mother on Sunday for a girls day exploring Venice. Venice sure is a lot different when you are not having to constantly keep watch of three wandering kids. Might I add that this was my very first trip to Venice on my own, and I was quite proud of myself for handling it so well and I never got us lost. We took a morning train and were there by lunch time. We picked a nice quant little place outside along one of the canals. The food was good but the service SUCKED! Seems to be the way they are around these parts.

After enjoying a nice quiet relaxing lunch we walked our way to San Marco Square. We walked around, stopped at the Hard Rock for some teas, bought some souviners, and enjoyed the scenery!

It was a great day in Venice with my mom, and I never would have thought in a million years we would have been experiancing such beauty in Italy together! Thanks for the memories mom!

4th of July at the beach:
What better way to spend a spectacular holiday than enjoying the beauty of the beach and all of God's glorious creations. Since the 4th fell on a Monday that meant that the beach wouldn't be packed since it of course was not a holiday for the Italians. We all enjoyed our day at our favorite Italian beach.

I am afraid that with all the time we spend at the beach that we could very easily be raising three surfer boys! :) That's okay with it being an hour away it is a cheap way to spend a great day celebrating being a family!

"May your life be filled with relaxing sunsets, calming waves, and sand between your toes."