Monday, July 18, 2011

Trip up the mountain.

So with a week in London that meant only two more weeks of my mothers vacation in Italy. We couldn't waste anytime showing her all the beautiful parts of Italy that we could. Even though we have lived here a year now and the mountain is only 30 minutes from the base we had never been up there. So we had an afternoon free and decided to take the nice drive up to Piancavallo. It is a ski resort in the Dolomite mountains that surround Aviano Air Base. It is situated at 1267 meters above sea level at the foot of Monte Cavallo.

Since Piancavallo is mainly a ski resort the summer months are their down months. There wasn't much going on this day and there were not really any people out and about. It was very quiet and peaceful (until my kids got out of the car! :0) They do have a metal roller coaster that goes down the mountain that looks like fun, but it is only open on Saturdays thru the summer months. So we will have to plan another day trip and take the boys on the coaster. For now they were thrilled with playing at the park.

Definitely a beautiful place we live.....being surrounded by gorgeous mountains and wonderful scenery. I could really see myself packing a lunch and book and taking it up to Piancavallo for the afternoon and just taking it all in. Although we probably will never take advantage of the ski aspect of the mountains we will have to make a trip up there this winter and let the boys get in some good sledding! :)

"Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled."
~ Mohammed