Friday, December 10, 2010

Ottobre (October)

Hope that this particular blog finds you all doing well. Hope you are taking it easy among all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. I am all done with our shopping, cards are all in the mail, and packages are on their way across the ocean! I however am way behind on my blogging! Anyway I will try to play a little catch up here, and then post another one shortly here after. October came and went with the blink of an eye....we made a day trip to Venice with our neighbor friends the Robbins. With each trip to Venice we see something new and different, whether it be the yummy eye candy on the train to Venice (sorry gals I couldn't get a picture), watching my husband actually drink a Cappuccino, or seeing your son tag his name on Italian property (at least his name wasn't the only one on there, but probably the only AMERICAN name!)           

 There is always a street we haven't been to or something we haven't seen, or something new we learned.

October also brought our first Halloween overseas! The base sponsored a "Trunk or Treat" but it was a lot of waiting to get to the 20 or so cars that were passing out candy! For a three year old anything longer than 5 minutes is to long! Needless to say by the time we got to the trunks the kids were not in the trick or treating mood! This was also the first year that our Pre-teen was TO cool to dress up! That's why you won't see pictures of Kaleb......


Since the "trunk or treat" event was held on Friday, that left open the actaul night of Halloween. I was not aware that they did trick or treating in the Birdhouses. There are a total of about 38 birdhouses with all Americans in them. Since the Italians don't celebrate Halloween I just figured the even on base was it. But then I was asked if the kids were going to trick or treat the birdhouses? So we let them venture out in the rain to add to their loot. I guess that the Italians have caught onto our American holidays and traditions as there were A LOT of Italian kiddos dressed up and trick or treating at the Birdhouses. I am embaressed to say this but I was not prepared for that and ran out of candy, so we quickly went through the boys' candy and got together all the YUCKY stuff and passed that out!!! :) All in all I have to say I missed the door to door through the neighborhood of the states for Halloween! However it doesn't matter how I feel, the kids could have cared less just as long as they got candy, and well next year we will get in line early so we don't have to WAAAIIIIITTTTT so long!