Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fun in the Sun

The last time we were at a beach, it was in Corpus Cristi TX, and it was the first time visiting a beach for both Kaleb and Mason. Kaleb loved the water, and Mason didn't understand what salt water was UNTIL he gagged on a mouth full of it! That was all it took and Mason wouldn't step foot in the water again. That was our last trip to a beach until about 3 weeks ago. With the help of some awesome neighbors getting us there we enjoyed a couple hours on an Italian beach before the rain spoiled our afternoon!

We were not sure how Luke was going to take to the water, being a fish and all we knew he was going to want to swim. However with it being salt water we figured he would be like Mason. Nope he grabbed a little snack and was high tailing it to the water. He had to make sure the tempature of the water was doable, but after that there was no getting him out!

Since Mason didn't have a good past with the beach we thought he would be done with it before we even got there. However, he shocked us all as he was the one that ran right in and swam. He went out pretty far, and probably would have kept right on going had we not made him come back in closer to the beach! So glad he learned to not get the water in his mouth, so he could enjoy the water. Daddy even convinced him to let him burry him in the sand!!

Then there is Kaleb who is a preteen and since we went with friends he wanted nothing to do with his family!! I was lucky to get the couple of pictures of him that I did!! Then came the clouds, the sprinkles, and then the downpour!!