Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not Enough Time

Okay so I have come to the conclusion that there is really not enough time in a day, days in a week, and weeks in a year. Here I am once again writing a catch up blog. MMMMM does anyone really read this blog anyway? Well lets see the last time I was on here was the beginning of February, and I was blogging about Halloween and events before that. ~WOW~ Here it is the end of March and I am blogging about stuff in February. Hang in there one of these days I hope to have more time to blog regularly and keep it up to date, but don't hold your breath. Well Kaleb turned 9 yes NINE on the 28th of February. It is a bittersweet age since it is the last year he will be in the single that is scary. It is also so sad because he is half-way to adulthood. As a mommy you hate to see your kids grow up so fast, but then again you love to see the young adults that they are growing up to be.

A bonus for Kaleb on his birthday was we got SEVERAL inches of snow...the most snow we had gotten all winter, the bad news was that we were so busy with basketball games, birthday party prep, and family lunch out that there wasn't anytime to spend outside in the snow! Kaleb wanted to have another bowling party so that is what we did. Hey you are not going to hear any complaining from this decorating, or clean up ! YIPPEE

Hard to believe that my first born is now 9!