Monday, October 27, 2008

USAFRRC in Florida

So every other year the Air Force Reserve squadron holds a bi-annual conference and allows the recruiters to bring their families along. This year in was in Orlando Florida. So we got to leave the cold fall Missouri weather behind for a whole week to enjoy the sunny perfect 80 degree weather in Florida. The bad news is that since Kaleb and Mason were in school, they had to be left at home. The good news is that since Kaleb and Mason were in school they had to be left at home! LOL No it would have been nice to make a little family vaca out of it, but I just hated for them to get pulled out of school for a whole week. So Luke, Clark, and myself ventured on a plane together for Lukes first plane ride while Papa from San Antonio came to stay with the boys for the week. It was a long, busy, and eventful week for us all (especially Luke). Many late late nights, early mornings, and little (very little) nap times. We got there on Sunday and that evening we had an icebreaker dinner to get to know fellow recruiters and their spouses (late night #1 especially since being up since 3:30 in the morning.)

Clark was in classes most of the days and only had a couple of evenings and one afternoon to spend with the family, so Luke and I made ourselves quite comfortable at the pool. I started to get a nice tan color, and well Luke got a kick out of learning to blow bubbles in the water. The bad thing is that it was so hard to get him OUT of the pool, but it really wore him out.

Tuesday evening was a free one for Clark so we went to the Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom (late night # 2). Luke was really in awe of all the stuff, but since it was night time he got a little spooked at times. However for the most part he got to enjoy some rides, see some of the characters, and enjoy some expensive Disney World food....what more could a 17 month old ask for? Except maybe some sleep...I think it was almost 1:00 in the morning before we made it back to the resort!

Wenesday afternoon was a free afternoon so we ventured off to Universal Studios for the day. Luke's favorite part was getting his picture taken with all the characters. We would wait in line and then when it was his turn he would walk right up and pose for his big photo opp. Except he was a bit leary of Shrek...but who could blame him!

However with Dora he went back for second and third hugs!!

Thursday evening was the BIG award banquet (late night # 3.) It was such an honor to be there to see Clark accept his awards and to witness just how successful he has been at his job this past year. He was awarded Top Rookie of the year, an award that you only have one chance to recieve. He was also awarded Century club for getting 292% of his goal for the year (this award was given earlier in the week.) Team Whiteman won Top OL (operation location) for the year. So all in all it was an amaizing night for the guys at Whiteman AFB! I am so proud of his hard work and drive to do his job to the best of his ability!

It was a great trip all around...but man I need a vacation from my vacation!! Now the only question I have is "Where are we going in 2010?"