Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sigh Tear...Look who's A YEAR!!

Oh what a bittersweet day today was. My baby boy Luke is officially no longer a baby as he turned the big ONE YEAR old today. What a fast year it has been but definatly one of many laughs, kisses, hugs, bumps, bruises, and tears. I have enjoyed watching Luke grow from an infant to a toddler, and have given thanks to the Lord everyday for the joy he has brought to our family. He gets so much love from his big brothers, and as I watch them play and laugh together I can't help but fast forward to the days when they are grown and playing with their own children. Okay no wait lets go back...I want to keep them little forever!! Seriously I hope that they are brothers that are friends for life!

Well I hope that the next year of Luke's life brings so much more to our think that in only 364 days he will be TWO! Will be having a small family party for him on Saturday for him to get down and dirty with cake!! YUMMY....will post more later.